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Click on a gallery below to get a glimpse into the excitement and learning at Chabad Talmud Torah.  (Yeah, there are some pretty cute snapshots of your children...)

Experience the Seder in an interactive and educational way
15 Steps, 28 volunteers, parents, students and teachers, yummy Pesach food, seder plates, matzah, 4 questions and a bunch of answers. Check out the pics!
Having a BLAST with Rosh Hashana
How is a shofar made? How is it blown? What do the sounds mean? Can you use an antelope horn? What is an antelope? Find out at Talmud Torah's Shofar factory! Pics inside.
2 amazing pre-Pesach events
First we turned wheat stalks into flour; then flour into Matzah. Then, we had a practice seder... thanks to all our parent volunteers!
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