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Can you recognize our community in costume?
Megillah. Juggling Show. Shwarma & Falafel. Graggers. Costumes. So many Friends. Some amazing photos of an amazing Purim Party. Thanks to our many sponsors, supporters and volunteers.
Chanukah in the Mall 5773/2013
Featuring a Menorah Contest, Menorah made from photos, Jewpardy, Latkes, Donuts, and more...
La Cumbre Plaza, First night of Chanukah
Over 300 members of S. Barbara's Jewish community gathered to celebrate the message of Chanukah: Unite to Light up the Darkness, one good deed at a time.
CBB Hebrew School vists the Olive Press
Thanks to Camp Gan Israel's Olive Press demonstration! CBB students learned all about the Chanukah Miracle and the science of making olive oil.
Pizza, Carnival, Popcorn, Stuffed Torahs
Games, Prizes, Food, Music, Parents, Kids, Sukkot, Lulav, Fun, Pizza, Lots of Good 'Ole Chabad Fun!! Check out the pics inside...
"Nothing can top this Purim!"

Thanks to our incredibly devoted group of volunteers who organized/ran the Jewish event of the year!

Thanks to Ryan Brennan of BMX Bikeshow and his wonderful riders, Cory, Jacob, Jesse and Mike.

Thank you to the Diksin and Handelman family for sponosring the event.
Over 350 people joined together to donate over 500 cans with a weight of over 2000 lbs to create an 8.5 foot tall Menorah - the result: The world's largest CAN-orah!

Many thanks to Morah Dena, Morah Shterna and Haley's Saba for the pictures!
Camp Gan Izzy Kid's Area!
Camp Gan Israel, with our dedicated volunteers from Bais Chana, dazzled the SB Jewish community with the most incredible Kid's Area!

Carnival Games * Replica of the Western Wall * Moonbounces * Souvenir Shop * And much more!

It was a Gan Izzy day in May!
The Purim Meal at Chabad of S. Barbara
What a Purim to remember! The festivities abounded as we gathered together with family and friends!

Thank you to Joann and Nechama Dena for the beautiful pictures!
Gan Izzy's Playground is a place where children can run, jump, play and swing.
Pictures from the largest Shabbaton ever in IV!

It rocked!
Special thanks to One World Rhthym
Drums, Cotton Candy, dancing, BBQ with lots of great friends, fun and food. Relive the excitement, click here!
BBQ, Baloons, Games & Airplane
Check out the pics... See if you can spot someone you know! What a great time we all had!
BBQ, Archery with Food, Fun and Friends
Did you know that during Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai's life, there was no rainbow?? That's right! The author of the Zohar was so dear to Hashem, that He never showed the rainbow - the sign to Noah that the world would never be destroyed. Rainbow = archery bow... check it out!
Sneak peak at our first day
Lots of fun, lots of friends. Today we had archery, sports, Tefillah workshop, video class and a grand trip bowling! And the food is yummy too :)
Hiking and Snow Tubing
Hiking, Snow Tubing, LA Cheder Menachem, Nagilah and Munchies. What a couple of days!
Check out our top ten Sukkah Selfies and a view of the amazing Tom Ogden Magic Show. Extravaganza doesn't even begin to describe it.
Camp Gan Israel

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