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XTREME PURIM, attended by hundreds, was definitely the Jewish event of the year!  From Megillah readings, to carnival games, to a tasty Purim Feast as well as our highlight the BMX Bikeshow, this was an event not to be missed!

"That was an awesome Purim!  Nothing can top this!"

"We had so much fun!"

"The Bikers were incredible.  Totally over the top!"

"My son's eyes popped out of his sockets when he saw the bikes.  He was just totally wowed!"

Many thanks to Ryan "Barspinner" Brennan from the BMX Bikeshow and his incredibly XTREME talented crew: Cory Walters, Jacob OMalley, Jesse Puente and Mike Castillo!

Thanks to the Handelman and Diskin families for making this event possible.

Watch a synopsis of our amazing XTREME Purim event!

Credits: Chaim Loschak video
"Nothing can top this Purim!"

Thanks to our incredibly devoted group of volunteers who organized/ran the Jewish event of the year!

Thanks to Ryan Brennan of BMX Bikeshow and his wonderful riders, Cory, Jacob, Jesse and Mike.

Thank you to the Diksin and Handelman family for sponosring the event.
Watch Ryan Brennan in his promo video!

Thank you so much for your talent and for making our XTREME Purim completely XTREME!
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