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Click here to download the Ma Nishtana Single by our 
"?" Factor winner: Tziporah Silverberg

How to Download:

  1. Click the link
  2. Right Click on the Music Player
  3. Click "Save As"
  4. Save to your Music folder

Practice, Practice, Practice.

Here's the text of the Ma Nishtana for you to practice from:


Mah nishtanah halyla hazeh mikol halaylot

1) She'bechol halaylot anu ochlim chametz o matza, halyla hazeh kulo maztah?

2) She'bechol halaylot anu ochlim she'ar yerakot, halyla hazeh maror?

3) She'bechol halaylot ain anu matbilin afilu pa'am echat, halyla hazeh shtei pe'amim?

4) She'bechol halaylot anu ochlim bain yoshvin bain mesubin, halyla hazeh kulanu mesubin?


What makes this night different from all [other] nights?

1) On all nights we eat chametz or matzah, and on this night only matzah.

2) On all nights we eat any kind of vegetables, and on this night maror!

3) On all nights we need not dip even once, on this night we do so twice!

4) On all nights we eat sitting upright or reclining, and on this night we all recline!