Thank You!

Chabad Youth would like to thank the following people
for making the CAN-orah a reality! 
If you would like to support the CAN-orah, please CLICK HERE to make a donation.

  • Dr. Phil Lubin for his design and willingness to take a Menorah and transform it into a CAN-orah!
  • Jordano's for their gracious can donations
  • Pacific Co. for their support in everything we do, and the wonderful light sticks
  • Trader Joes for the delicious hot Latkes
  • Rabbi Loschak - for everything and for the LIVE webcast
  • Rabbi Zalmy for making the event a reality
  • Mayor Marty Blum for being such a wonderful public servant
  • Krishna of Ever Now Productions for a spectacular video job
  • Ahrele for coming up from Los Angeles to
    participate in our CAN-orah
  • Avi and Rabbi Zalmy for the music
  • Mushkie, Yochi, Estee and Miri for running the booths
  • Morah Dena for pulling it all together
  • Steven Kowel for the wonderful photographs
  • YOU - the wonderful community of S. Barbara who joined together to recreate the miracle of Chanukah with the county's largest Menorah lighting!

    To everyone else who we inadvertantly omitted - thank you we couldn't have done it without your help!