Yes, we really want you to come.

An actual conversation:

"But Rabbi, I am not religious," you say.

Last I checked you don't need to be religious to eat.

"But Rabbi, it is such an imposition on your wife to make all that extra food," you say.

When you come, G‑d willing, I will reveal the secret of who made the home-made challah.

"But Rabbi, you already have enough people," you say.

It is never enough. My family would be honored to have you as our guests.

"OK, OK. But what can I bring?" you say.

Bring yourself and a lot of questions and G‑d willing we will experience Shabbat together.

Please contact us [email protected] in advance to let us know that we will be having the pleasure of your company.

See you.

Rabbi Loschak and family.