With close to 400 people who came together to celebrate the miracle of Chanukah - this year's MAGICAL Menorah was the largest display of Chanukah unity ever in S. Barbara, CA!  Our overflow crowd finished all the Latkes and Donuts in record time and the Chanukah Camp Gan Izzy cookies provided fun as well as special treats for the children (and children at heart!).

We were once again graced with our resident singer, Avi Loschak, who flew in from Postville, Iowa, to accompany Rabbi Zalmy on the piano.

Rabbi Loschak lit (a smaller version) of our popular LEGO Menorah and to the delight of the crowd, the Menorah was lit, Chanukah songs were song and the entire community was warmed by the lights of the burning Menorah.

The highlight of the Magical Chanukah event was a spectacular Chanukah magic show performed by the world famous magician, Amos Lefkovitch.  The crowd was wowed and awed as he performed one magical feat after another. 

As one Chanukah participant mentioned, "Every year Chabad comes up with the most incredible ideas.  It just gets more amazing each year!  Thanks for all you do for the S. Barbara Jewish Community!"